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Moove over nasty chemicals, Moo Goo Skincare products only include natural and effective ingredients. When it comes to your skin, they know that the steaks are high. They are proudly Australian made and owned but are loved by herds of people all around the world! 

Their range targets sensitive and troubled skin and are well known for helping to improve the appearance of many skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. They don’t test on animals either, they actually love animals! Their products actually originate from a cream used in dairy farms to repair the skin on cow’s udders!

With a large range of products Moo Goo has something for everyone and everything! They are made from edible ingredients which means even babies are safe to use them! Skin is our bodies largest organ and needs to be looked after. Moo goo products don’t only help heal the skin but also help prevent further damage.


I stumbled across the brand not long ago in my local Amcal chemist. I have only recently started to use more natural skincare products and love to try new brands when I can! I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to review a few products from Moo Goo for you guys reading my blog!






I found this moisturiser to be rich with a nice creamy consistency. It wasn’t too thick or too thin. It applied well and a little went a long way. The smell is delicious too it reminds me of white chocolate! The packaging is cute and has an easy pump top which I love! (Yes I get lazy and opening lids is annoying!) It is made with a sweet almond oil base which helps troubled skin. It also includes soothing ingredients such as coconut oil and pasteurised honey. Everyone I have showed this cream has loved it. If your looking for a natural everyday cream this is the one!



We all know that a good looking fake tan is hard to master and often turns out different to what we expect. Moo Goo makes it easy with a genuinely natural, healthy and moisturising gradual tanner. First off the name of this product is just the best! I couldn’t resist trying it! Unlike other tanning creams it did not have a strong coconut smell and was a creamy white colour (Like a moisturiser). It takes a bit of work to rub into the skin but is absorbed quickly and doesn’t feel sticky or leave any marks. It’s best to use this one daily to build up a natural looking tan and would be great for fair toned skin. As I’ve just come back from a holiday in Qld with a tan, I found this product awesome to treat my dry skin and stop my tan from fading too quick! (damn Melbourne and it’s rainy cold weather!) The 2 active ingredients in this product are DHA (from canola oil based source) and Erythrulose (a sugar based tanning ingredient). 


I have noticed that as I’ve gotten older my facial redness and pigmentation has become more noticeable. With many different causes I wasn’t sure what product would be best to help reduce it and prevent further damage. I was recommended this product by Moo Goo which specifically targets pigmentation and hydration around the eye area. I love the fact that you can apply it under your makeup and only need to use a small amount. The active ingredient in this serum is called VCIP (it’s a super vitamin C) It is well known for its strong anti-aging and anti-pigmentation properties. I have noticed a slight difference in my skin already but will keep you updated on my results once I’ve been using the product for a while. 



The ultimate multi-tasker. This intense moisturising butter balm can be used for just about anything! It’s thick formula targets dry and cracked skin on feet, hands or lips but can be used anywhere that needs a little extra love. I keep this baby on my bedside table and apply to my hands and feet of the night time. I found it works best if you put socks on your feet overnight after applying. The smell is so much like lime sorbet it makes me wanna eat it! The consistency of this product is like nothing I have tried before. It’s thick but melts into the skin, looks and feels like hair wax or a giant lipbalm. (Which it actually kind of is seeing you can use it on your lips!) The main ingredients in this product are Shea Butter and Raw Coconut Oil. Both of which are high in fatty acids which are great moisturisers. It also contains lime oil which helps protect broken skin. 
Overall I am more than impressed with The Moo Goo products I’ve tried. Not only is their packaging super cute but the products actuality  do what they are supposed to. And they do it with all natural ingredients. Somehow they have made the impossible possible and ticked all the boxes. Their website is fantastic and full of so much useful information too. They list and explain the uses of every ingredient in their products and provide knowledge and tips in regards to different skin conditions as well. Moo Goo is by far the most honest company I have come across. The products are affordable and their humorous approach makes skincare fun.


You can find Moo Goo products online at, in selected chemists and health food shops. To keep updated on their products be sure to follow them on Instagram @moogooskincare. Facebook /moogooskincareaustralia and Twitter @moogoocows.

I know I’ll be loving Moo Goo ‘Til the cows come home!’




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