Hey guys. I thought I’d introduce a little blog series called chit chat. I’ve noticed a few bloggers doing this recently and really like reading them and getting to know the people behind the blogs. Be prepared for me to crap on about all things makeup and more! 


So I received an email recently with an invitation to a bloggers luncheon from one of my favourite brands Moo Goo Skincare. If you have been reading my blog for a while you would have seen my reviews on some of their natural skincare products and new mineral makeup range called Dusty Girls. If you havn’t you can read them here:

Why you should be using mineral makeup

Moo Goo Skincare Review

Dusty Girls natural mineral makeup review


Some Moo Goo Products
In a nutshell they are Australian owned and made skincare and cosmetic brands created for people with sensitive skin or skin conditions. They are all natural and cruelty free. For more info please check out their websites!



I had been invited to a few other events before now but have never been able to attend any. Well I probably could have attended but I was always worried about driving to Melbourne (I live over an hour away and am not experienced in driving through busy city streets and I have no idea where I’m going lol!)

Bronzer, Blush & Eyeshadow

After being invited to the event by Moo Goo I thought it’s about time I sent an RSVP saying yes and lost my driving to the city virginty! So I hit the send button and waited with excitement for the date to arrive. The timing worked out perfect for me. On the day I dropped my son off at school, set up Google maps on my phone and hit the freeway to the city. Woo!

Edens Backyard

I arrived early and found a park with no problem. I was actually the first person there which was good. I met the beautiful Sammy (Moo Goo’s marketing manager) and had a chat with her while checking out the beautiful cafe. It was called Eden’s Backyard and was situated on a quiet street in Carlton.

Check out there Insta account here!

New Release Products

With our own space in the corner of the cafe a long table was set up with beautiful Moo Goo & Dusty Girls products and customised placemats. There was about 8 of us all together so was a nice small group. A few of the girls I was already following on Instagram so was good to meet them in person and chat with people who have similar interests. 

Product Guides


Mascara & Lipglosses
After Sammy talked a little bit about the brands we ordered our food which was delicious and oh so shmancy. While we ate she went on to talk about some of their products which we were able to look at and smell, test & swatch. We were introduced to a new sister brand called Dr Zoo which specialises in natural pet products. We then talked a little about blogging, how we can collaborate with the brands and what ideas we had for future product releases. 


Avo on toast
Table Setting

Before heading home we were all gifted a cute goody bag with a mix of Moo Goo & Dusty Girls products. It was like getting a lolly bag at a kids party. I couldn’t wait to get home and have a play with everything. I was glad that I came along and look forward to seeing what’s to come next from Moo Goo and Dusty Girls.

Blogger Giftbag

They also hooked us up with a discount code ‘JOINTHEHERD’ for our followers to save 15% off both Moo Goo and Dusty girls products. (Valid until June 30th) Don’t forget to give them both a follow on Instagtam to be kept up to date with sales and new product releases!



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