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As a makeup lover I often forget to look after my hair. My bathroom is full of cheap supermarket brand shampoos/conditioners and I don’t even brush it most of the time. Having long curly/wavy hair can be annoying at times. It gets frizzy, falls in your face and always looks better on one side! It takes forever to straighten it and a million products too keep it that way.  


Loose waves and beachy curls have been a popular hair trend recently and according to ‘Harpers Bazzar’ long hair is back and cooler than ever this season. I suppose now is the best time to embrace my natural curls and let my hair down. Get rid of those supermarket hair products and try something new. Joico.
Joico is a premium salon hair care brand that is dedicated to providing innovative and top performing products. They believe that healthy hair is happy hair. That it’s vitality, color and shine have a radiance that can’t be ignored, the way it lights up a room, lifts the spirit, and the spirit of others. They have a name for this remarkable energy, they call it “joi”. 
And this energy shines through their products and into your hair!

I was lucky enough to be sent 4 of their products to trial and review from the CURL range which targets dry, frizzy, curly and wavy hair. 

Features and Benefits:
•Features the exclusive Curl Repair Technology 

•Strengthens, moisturises, softens

•Protects and reactivates curls

•Leaves hair fluid, shiny and manageable 


Simultaneously cleanses and conditions, for soft, light and bouncy curls.

Honestly this is what I’ve been needing an all in one shampoo & conditioner that doesn’t compromise on quality. It feels like a conditioner but creates a nice thick lather like when they shampoo your hair at the hairdressers. The smell of it was pleasant and I only needed to use a small amount. After drying it did make my hair noticeably lighter and softer. 
Weightlessly moisturises, instantly detangles, polishes curls, locks out humidity and frizz.

I’ve always been one for using too much conditioner and often get told by my bf that I don’t need to wash my hair everyday. Well with this conditioner you definitely don’t have to. I found my curls looking much more defined, weightless and bouncy for days after using it . I love the fact that it only needs to be left in your hair 1 minute before rinsing. It detangles well and doesn’t leave hair too shiny.
Smoothes the hair surface and eliminates frizz, controlling uneven curls and waves.

I don’t often use styling products made for use in damp hair as I’m often in a rush for work and havn’t found a product that works well yet. With this cream I used a small amount starting at the ends and worked my way up. I tied my hair up in a messy bun while doing my makeup then let my hair down before work. My curls have never looked so good. It definitely did reduce frizz and evened out my curls well.
Refreshes the texture, re-activates styling products, restores bounce and definition between washes.

I probably own about 15 different anti-frizz styling products. From hair oils to leave in treatments, I’ve tried them all. Well all accept this one. I’m not gonna lie I sprayed this in my hair as soon as I got it. The spray bottle is super convenient and can be sprayed onto dry hair. It gave my hair a boost between washes and did help tame my frizz and made my curls more defined. Yay for bringing back my bounce.
Overall I was more than impressed with the products I tried from Joico and have found myself browsing their website checking out all there other beautiful products. I noticed that some of their range is available in Priceline and Hair House warehouse. They can also be found in selected salons. Don’t forget to check out their Instagram account too!   @joicoaustralianz

Embrace your curls girls!



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