Holy crap! Is it just me or did 2017 fly by super quick! I can’t believe that it’s 2018 already! This time last year I blogged my Beauty and Blogging resolutions for 2017 which gave me some great goals to work towards. I thought it would be a bit of fun to recap and see how I went with them all. I’m sure some I totally failed but am hoping I slayed a few aswell!

Take a look at my 2017 resolutions here!

Now that your up to date let’s see how I went with everything!

1. DESTASH – This is hard one to judge! Although I didn’t throw out as much makeup as I wanted too I did make an effort this year to use up more products. WIN!

2. CLEAN MY BRUSHES – Since purchasing a new brush cleaning mat and drying rack from eBay it made washing my makeup brushes so much more easier and fun. It wasn’t a chore as much as it used to be and yep the job did get done more often. WIN!

3. SPEND LESS – I think I definitely spent my money more wisely this year and was less influenced by makeup trends and sales. WIN!

4. CATALOG MY COLLECTION – This is still on my to do list! Rather than using an app Im thinking of creating my own printable table to use to record the items in my collection. FAIL!

5. HIT 5K – I’m not surprised I didn’t come close to 5K this year due to Instagram’s ridiculous algorithm and the lack of engagement we have all been seeing. I’ve come to focus less on the numbers and more on the content and just having fun with makeup and supporting other bloggers. FAIL!

6. YOUTUBE – This year I found it hard enough to keep up with my Instagram and blog let alone start a YouTube channel. I don’t really have the space or good lighting to film quality videos either. I might have to start with small Instagram clips! FAIL!

7. TREAT MYSELF – Thanks to the lovely ladies at Arete Aesthetics this year was absolutely amazing when it came to treating myself and my skin. Facials, Microdermabrasion, IPL and Skin needling made so much of a difference to my self confidence and the appearance of my skin. WIN!

8. WEAR SPF – I discovered some great new sunscreens over the year and did use them more often. Hamilton, Moo Goo & La Roche Posay were a few of my favourites. WIN!

9. MAKE A RATES CARD – I didn’t end up making one and I figured I don’t really need one anyway! FAIL!

10. TRY NEW LOOKS – I think I have branched out a bit this year after buying a few new eyeshadow palettes! I’ve been having fun practicing my cut creases! WIN!

11. KEEP IT CLEAN – I can’t believe I actually had this as a resolution! There’s no way I’ll ever be able to keep my vanity clean all the time. I love makeup mess too much! FAIL!

12. BLOG BETTER – Keeping up with my blog was a lot harder for me this year. With 2 family weddings I took a bit of time off from Instagram and Blogging to spend more time in the real world. FAIL!

13. UPCYCLE – So I did have good intentions to recycle my makeup packaging by turning it into artwork but the canvas I wanted to use was too large. So I decided to wait until I buy more makeup and get more pretty packaging! FAIL!

14. NAIL IT – This year I did pay more attention to my nails. I experimented with some new nail tips from eBay and also got my nails done at the salon more often! #nailedit WIN!

15. GET GOOGLE ANALYTICS – I gave up on this idea pretty quick. After doing some research online I realised that it wasn’t going to be as easy as I originally thought. FAIL!

16. WORK, WORK, WORK – Collaborating with new brands this year was great. Some of my favourites were .. Clarins, Bioderma, Dr Haushka and The Ordinary. WIN!

17. VISIT SEPHORA – Sadly I still havn’t travelled to Melbourne to visit Sephora. On the plus side I definitely would have saved money by not going! FAIL!

Well that’s it for the Recap on last year’s Beauty and Blogging resolutions. With a total of 8 Wins and 9 Fails I’m gonna say it was even! (Just to make myself feel better lol) I’m hoping to be a bit more productive with my goals this year! Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?



  1. Well I am happy to hear that most of these were wins! I feel you girl, it is so hard to try and be on so many social media platforms at once. Um…. SEPHORA?!?!? You need to get yourself there ASAP, you are going to die!!!


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