The Summer holidays are over and its time to get your lazy ass back into some kind of routine. One of the best ways to set yourself up for success is by getting your much needed ‘Beauty Sleep’. While it may seem simple you’ll be surprised to know just how much your sleeping habits can effect your health, your skin and even your hair!

You think you’ve heard it all before but how many of these ‘Beauty Sleep’ rules have you been breaking?

1. Remove your makeup. This is essential in looking after your skin. If you sleep with makeup on you are providing a breeding ground for bacteria which can cause break outs, premature aging and blocked pores. Makeup can also stop your skins natural exfoliation process which happens while you sleep.

2. Use a silk pillowcase. It is said that the texture causes less friction on your skin and hair. It can help prevent wrinkles and reduce hair damage. Silk pillowcases also draw less moisture compared to cotton pillow cases so your skin is likely to stay more hydrated.

3. Sleep on your back. When sleeping on your stomach or sides there is constant pressure on your face. Over time this can cause wrinkles called sleep lines. Because your skin produces less collagen when you age it becomes harder for it to repair itself.

4. Use a Protect-a-bed pillow protector. With a hypoallergenic allergen barrier it will protect you from allergens that can cause sneezing, asthma and rhinitis while sleeping. It is made to be breathable but still waterproof and ensures you stay cool in Summer and warm in Winter.

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5. Tie your hair up. By wearing your hair in a loose bun or ponytail you are not only protecting it from any breakage but you will save your complexion. If your hair is constantly in your face it can absorb your hairs natural oils which isn’t good for your skin.

6. Use a Quality Pillow. Protect-a-bed’s ‘Perfect Pillow’ can be adjusted to ensure a healthy nights sleep. Made with 900 grams of clump proof luxury fibre filling you can simply remove it as you like to change the pillow height from firm to medium or soft. By sleeping with a comfortable pillow you will have a higher quality sleep.

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7. Cut out caffeine. It’s best not to drink coffee, energy drinks or coke at least 2 hours before going to bed. Not only will it make it more difficult to fall asleep but you are more likely to have a disturbed sleep during the night.

8. Use a Protect-a-bed Mattress Protector. Did you know that after 5 years half the weight of an unprotected mattress can be made up of your own bodily fluids, skin cells, bacteria and mould! Protect-a-bed mattress protectors will also keep out those nasty bed bugs and dust mites to ensure a healthy sleeping environment.

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9. Aim for 8 hours. If you are able to get seven to eight hours of sleep every night, you will begin reaping the benefits of beauty sleep without doing anything else! Good sleep helps prevent wrinkles and inflammation, stimulates muscle growth, and inhibits fat production

10. Don’t watch tv right before bed. The blue light emitted by televisions and electronic screens (that means your phone too) interferes with sleep by suppressing melatonin production. For better sleep, shut devices off an hour before bedtime.

We all know that sleep is essential to your overall health but getting a good nights sleep is also important to look your best! It is a known fact that people are more attractive when they are well rested. To help improve the quality of you sleep use some of the above tips to change your routine. If you stick with them they’ll turn into positive sleep habits and will lead to the perfect beauty sleep.


(Products featured in this post were kindly gifted for editorial consideration. All views are 100% honest and my own.)




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