Hey beauty lovers! If you’ve found your way here I’m guessing you have heard the exciting news that ‘Priceline Australia’ is having its biggest sale ever! 50% off all cosmetics Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th of November. And that’s not all… They will also have cosmetic gift sets and bags at 40% off too.

Don’t make the mistake of not writing a list and walking into Priceline with the hopes of just winging it. Not only will you be tempted to over spend but you will most likely end up with disappointing products and things you don’t need. Have a look through your makeup collection before you go so you know what to look for. Read reviews on the products your interested in and do swatches in store to make sure you like it.


REVLON Sculpt and Highlight Contour Kit $24.95

This gorgeous face palette made in collaboration with Chloe Morello has been a favourite of mine since the last Priceline sale. The kit contains 4 shades – Banana to conceal, Glow to highlight, Bronze to add warmth and Sculpt to define. I find the powders to be smooth on the skin and easy to use. They aren’t too pigmented so are perfect for everyday wear but are buildable if your after a more dramatic look. The shades are all perfect for my medium skin tone and are the perfect size. For more info I’d check out Chloe Morello’s you tube tutorial.

MAYBELLINE Matte Maker Mattifying Powder RRP $11.95

I’ve always had trouble finding the perfect setting powder. Other brands I’ve tried have made my face look too cakey and often settle into my fine lines during the day. I find that this powder is the opposite. It looks and feels light on the skin and the finish is like your wearing no powder at all. It makes the perfect base for my blush and bronzer too. The only thing I don’t like about it is the twist top lid. After recently hitting pan on this it’s definitely on my repurchase list.


If your yet to try one of these lip glosses you better be adding this to your list. I’ve got a little collection of these and find it hard to not purchase a new shade each time there’s a Priceline sale. As the name suggests these lip glosses have a beautiful buttery formula. They aren’t sticky st all and come in a wide range of colours. They smell absolutely delicious and are very affordable. I wouldn’t leave the house without one of these in my handbag.


L’OREAL PARIS Mega Volume Miss Baby Roll Mascara RRP $21.95

I definitely don’t need a new mascara but at half price I’m tempted to buy this new release from L’Oréal Paris. I’ve heard that it’s clump proof, gives great volume and holds all day. I also saw a great video on Instagram recently by @beautywithbec and was amazed at how gorgeous her lashes looked after using this mascara! Be sure to check out her account and show her some love.

MODELS OWN Sculpt & Glow – Highlighter Powder RRP $16.95

So if you havn’t heard ‘Model’s Own’ is the latest and greatest new brand to hit shelves at Priceline. The brand has a wide range of fun, bold and on trend products. In particular I’d love to try one of their highlighters. I’ve heard they are super intense and the swatches I’ve seen online look amazing!

L’OREAL PARIS Infallible Matte Lip Paint RRP $19.95

So it turns out I’m still obsessed with a matte lip. I havn’t actually heard much about these new lip paints from L’Oréal but am still keen to give these a swatch in store. I’m particularly interested in the nude shades babe-in and dead lips. They look super cute and the packaging reminds me of the Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipsticks.

I hope you all have enjoyed reading my Recommendations and Wishlist and hope you have an awesome time at Priceline shopping up a storm. I’d love to know if you have tried any of the products I’ve mentioned and be sure to tag me in your Priceline hauls on Instagram!


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