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We all wish that we could have that fresh out of the salon blow wave at home but it’s not always as quick and easy as it seems! Sadly we can’t have our hairdresser coming round every morning to dry and style our hair so I’ve put together 10 tips for you to achieve a better blow dry! 

1. It’s important to have a good quality hair dryer. Ionic hair dryers are great because they dry hair faster, retain moisture to prevent damage and create less static to leave your hair smooth and frizz free.

2. Before you reach for your dryer make sure your hair isn’t sopping wet. Be sure to towel dry or let it sit in a hair wrap for 15 mins before blowing. Your hair should be more than 50% dry to avoid any damage.

3. Another way to avoid damaging your hair is by using a heat protective spray. It will also help to leave your hair soft, shiny and make it easier to style. Try GHD’s ‘Heat Protect Spray’ RRP $24. Available at

4. Make sure you have your nozzle attachment on. This will concentrate the airflow directly onto the hair section your working on instead of blowing strands of hair here, there and everywhere.

5. Use the right settings. Low works well for thin fragile hair or when your hair is only a bit damp. The high setting is best for thick hair and when its more wet. If your in a rush turn up the setting for the air stream not the heat.

6. Choose the right brush for the job. If your after volume a round barrel brush is best while a paddle brush will achieve a more straight and sleek look. ‘Curious Grace’ has a large range of styling brushes available at Hairhouse Warehouse.

7. Always style in sections. Just like you would when straightening your hair. This will prevent you missing spots or applying to much heat to one section. For long hair you may find it easier to use clips to pin your hair back.

8. Get your technique right. Start at the roots and work your way to the tips. Be sure not to hold the dryer for too long in one spot as it could burn your hair. Keep a distance of about 6 inches for best results and always hold the dryer downwards.

9. Finish with a blast of cool air. This will help to seal your style and give your hair a beautiful shine. Hair sets as it cools, so this is the best way to make your blow dry last longer.

10. Last but not least, look after your dryer! Store it in a safe place away from any water, don’t wrap the cord around the handle and give the filter a clean every couple of months.

Curious about my super cute hair dryer? … It’s the new look delightfulness dryer by Curious Grace! RRP $99.95 (Also available in black and white)   


Do you have any hair drying tips or tricks? Hope you enjoyed reading and learned something new!


* Products featured in this post were kindly gifted for editorial consideration. As always all opinions are honest and my own.


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