Women these days thrive on living busy lifestyles. Between work, kids and the men in our lives when it comes to finding ‘me time’ it’s nearly impossible. Whether your into yoga or want to get your nails done. Booking health and beauty appointments shouldn’t have to be a chore. 

Say ‘No!’ to being put on hold and leaving messages after the beep. Stop scrolling through Google looking for the perfect place and price. Don’t even fear the big black appointment book. The latest technology to help you book and look fantastic is here.

Let me introduce you to Livindigo. The recently launched Australian health and beauty booking service. An online marketplace where you can save time and money by making your appointments online. From ‘Lash lifts’ to ‘Cross fit’ Livindigo features premium services from the latest and greatest venues. They have knocked down the wall between consumers and the beauty industry. Making it easier than ever to pamper yourself with just a click, flick and swipe.   


Simply search your desired service or browse for businesses in your local city. Get inspired by featured salons or snap up a last minute deal and save up to 20%. It’s easy to compare, select and save by refining your search. Sort by price, location or availability to find the perect match for your needs. Discover beautiful new places through detailed member ratings and reviews. Each business holds a profile with descriptions,opening hours, price lists and pictures. 





Before you book you must register as a Livindigo member (Sign up here!). Pick your favourite salon, desired treatment and even a particular professional if you wish. Select a date and prefered time and thats it! There are no booking fees and confirmation is sent immediately. Payment is made conveniently at checkout and you can even opt in for appointment reminders via sms. 



After your service you can earn Livindigo points by leaving a review, refering a friend or sharing your experience on social media using #livindigo and tagging @livindigo. These points can be used at any of Livindigo’s partnered businesses. You can also save money by signing up for their newsletter and receive special deals straight to your inbox.

Keep your eyes peeled as new locations and venues are being added daily. There is even a Google play smart phone app available for your convenience. (Download here!)

So what are you waiting for!  See for yourself how easy it is to Browse, Book and Liv with Livindigo!


* This post was kindly sponsored by Livindigo

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