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Whether you have problem skin or just get the occasional pimple a skin care regimen will help keep your skin clean and hydrated. With daily use you will be likely to prevent breakouts and reduce oily skin. 

Real-U is the new way to deal with problem skin. An Australian skincare brand with a product range made to combat mild to persistent skin conditions. With no added nasties like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid their products won’t strip, burn or irritate your skin. They have been especially designed to work together to deliver real results.


Their gentle formula and simple approach to skincare makes it easy to gain back confidence and enjoy what it feels like to be the real you!




The perfect way to clean problem skin effectively without over-drying or removing the skins natural oils. It is Ph balanced and contains soothing aloe Vera which is known to help heal damaged skin.

Best used morning and night. Squeeze a small amount onto hands, add water, work into a lather and massage into face using circular motions. Remove with water or cotton pads before applying your face gel.


I often put foam cleansers in the too hard basket. I find it quicker and easier to use micellar water or cleansing wipes though sometimes they don’t do the job as well. I found by using this cleanser in the shower it was less of a chore and left my face feeling fresh and clean for the day ahead. At night I always cleanse twice. First to remove makeup and then to clean my skin.



Formulated for oily and acne prone skin this face gel tightens the skin minimising your pores and preventing further breakouts. Packed with anti oxidants it helps to restore healthy skin.

Best applied after cleansing and before moisturising. Like a serum lightly massage into face focusing on problem areas and gently pat in. To be used morning and night.


I found this gel to be very cooling with a thin consistency. It had no harsh chemical smells like typical acne treatments and a little amount of product went a long way. I love how it is quick to dry and didn’t leave my skin looking oily. With only a few pimples I still noticed results in the size of my pores and the texture of my skin.




Made for all skin types this replenishing moisturiser will keep skin hydrated without clogging your pores. A non-greasy lotion that is easily absorbed giving back balance to your skin.

The last step in the Real-U skincare routine. To be applied morning and night. Using your fingertips simply massage into your skin. This will prep your skin for the day ahead or beauty sleep.


This moisturiser works really well when used with Real-U’s other products. Spreads well and drys quite quickly. It is very light and left my skin with a healthy glow. It worked well underneath my makeup too.

What I love most about Real-U is their simple no-nonsense approach to skincare. They keep it real with sleek packaging, easy steps and aim to deliver real results without making any wild claims. 

Thinking of giving them a go? Don’t miss out on Real-U’s awesome New Year’s Specials.

Available at


I’d also like to give you guys the heads up that Real-U currently have a limited edition Love Ludie candle for sale on their website. With a gorgeous pink flamingo design and scent of white lily, bamboo and lychee. It’s to die for. 


Remember to look after your skin and keep it real girls!



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