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Another months gone by and a handful of new and old makeup purchases have taken the lime light! A new holy grail, brows on fleek, blush turned contour and luxurious lashes!


 Thanks to @betheleanor_ on Instagram I have now found my holy grail drugstore lipstick!  A dupe for my all time favourite ‘Myth by Mac’ but with a thinner formula and cheaper price tag. I’m a lover for light nudes and this is pretty much as light as you can get without buying high end. The Kate Moss by Rimmel nude range is available at Priceline for only $12.95. I will definitely be repurchasing one of these soon as I’m nearly out already!

BROWS THIS WAY BY RIMMEL (Brow sculpting kit & styling gel)  Brows on fleek? Yes they are! I’ve been using the new Brows this way duo and have been really impressed with its versatility. From bold to natural brows this compact makes brow taming easy. The shades matched well to my brows and came with really cute mini brushes/spoolie. The tinted brow gel was a first for me.  It took a bit of practise but with a light hand I was able to fill out my brows without looking overdone. For the price both these products are great value and would last quite a while.


 During September I went through my makeup and put some of my old favourites aside to try out some of my new products! To the back went ‘Laguna’ and to the front came ‘Taupe’. A blush from Nyx known for being a perfect contour shade. I bought this online from Ulta and can’t  believe how affordable it was. It is quite small in size but gives the perfect buildable contour shade. Laguna is still my no.1 but this baby isn’t far behind!

Made from horsehair (cruelty free) these lashes are high quality and super soft. The lash store is a new brand and have a gorgeous and luxurious range. I found these lashes easy to apply and love the matte black box they came in. I am currently putting these to the test to see how many uses I can get from them and in a couple months time will have a review post on the blog!
What were your favourite products this month? 



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