Homemade on Victorias beautiful Mornington Peninsula, Kreeny Designs specialises in fun and fruity glycerine soaps. 

Karina, the magic behind Kreeny designs has been making soaps in all shapes and sizes for a few years now and has developed her own individual style. 


All the colours of the rainbow and nearly any scent you can dream of Kreeny designs has it covered. Made to order and made with love every bar of soap is special. 


When my package arrived I was like a kid in a candy shop! I couldn’t decide which one to use first. They all smelt so delicious! Here’s the scents that I received…


Was just that! An intense explosion of fresh green apple. It’s fragrance was strong and crisp. I couldn’t stop smelling it! The soap itself was routine and two toned like a top deck Apple! Simple and stylish. Perfect for the bathroom sink.



A sweet mix of tropical scents that make me wanna go on holidays and sit on a beach with a coconut cocktail! I liked that the coconut in this scent is not too overpowering. The soap is a traditional oval shape with a beautiful ombré mix of purple, pink and blue.



Finally a floral scented soap that doesn’t smell like the ones my Nanna used to buy me for Christmas! Sweet and subtle this musky floral is just gorgeous. A modern square shaped soap with a cute in set heart. This is one for the girls!



I’m lucky I’m not blind! If I was, I would have eaten this soap by now! It smells like those special multicoloured fruit tingles! Yum. The soap has an abstract funky mix of red, yellow and green in a solid rectangular bar. 


The best thing is they clean just as good as they look and smell. They don’t lather up too much and leave your skin smooth and moisturised. They were a hit with the whole family.

If you wanna spice up your soap life then head over to Kreeny designs on Facebook or Instagram and check out their range. I’m sure you will love them too!



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