Handmade with love in Brisbane Australia, Chevron beauty is a new company specialising in handmade beauty storage and accessories. Behind the brand stands a passionate makeup artist Chloe Palm and her crafty mum Trish. Together they have created something beautiful, practical and affordable for all makeup lovers!


BRUSH ROLL  RRP $16.50-$18.50

Whether you have a small or large makeup brush collection they deserve to be looked after. Not only are Chevron Beauty brush rolls a safe place to keep them but also show them off with style. With 7 or 12 pockets, these brush rolls are perfect to store your brushes in when traveling.


From kabukis to blending brushes the pockets will fit a variety of shapes and sizes. The adjustable fold over flap will protect your bristles and means longer length brushes will fit too. With a signature black ribbon to tie closed you will be set to brush and roll.


First impressions are everything and let me tell you, it was love at first sight. The design I chose was Black Chevron and it is absolutely gorgeous! I knew I had to have it as it matches perfectly to my makeup brush holders! 


Being handmade I was surprised with the strength of the stitching and the soft thick fabric. You can really feel the quality. I did noticed my not so clean brushes were leaving dirty marks on the inside but with a quick run through the washing machine they were as good as new! 


Something that I think was missing from these brush rolls is some sort of logo. Though there were nice raw cardboard tags with logos attached when I unwrapped them. I think Chloe & Trish have done a killer job designing these and have really filled a gap in the beauty storage market.



Who would have thought that not long after releasing their much loved brush rolls that Chevron beauty would be releasing a hair straightener pouch! With a heat protective inner, handy storage pocket and fold out design.


Like the brush rolls these are available in different colours and designs. Black Chevron being my print of choice once again! I couldn’t wait to get rid of my nasty felt like ghd pouch and give this baby a go.


I was a little bit hesitant when first using the pouch after doing my hair. Thinking it was gonna burn, melt or leave marks all over it. Well everyone would be happy that I didn’t burn the house down thanks to the heat proof insulation and my pouch still looked pretty as ever! 


I found the storage pocket handy for keeping my hair clips in and love the fact that you can lay the pouch out flat to use as a resting mat. It fits my ghd straightener comfortably and would probably suit different brands and hair curling wands also.


Like the makeup brush pouches I think a logo would make them look more professional and a black ribbon tie to close would look good on the hair pouch too! I can’t wait to see what Chevron Beauty comes up with next!



Makeup brushes. Whether your collection is starting out or your hoarding them like a pro, It is important to purchase ones which will do the job right. 


Being a professional makeup artist and having worked in the beauty industry for many years. Chloe (the creator of Chevron Beauty) has developed a range of 6 high quality essential brushes. 

These include: Chisel mini smudger brush, Deluxe crease brush, Firm shadow brush, Flat top bronzer brush, Foundation brush & Large powder brush.

Pic credit- @chevronbeauty

I  was lucky enough to be sent the Firm shadow brush as a surprise in my package. With a matte black handle and silver ‘Chevron beauty’ wording, it looked very professional. The bristles were soft but firm and golden brown in colour.


Before using I washed the brush (with my Elf brush shampoo) and was pleased to find no shedding of loose bristles. Once dried I used the brush to apply my eyeshadow directly on the lid. It worked like a dream with not much fallout and to be honest did just as good as my sigma brush. 

To purchase any of Chevron Beauty’s products just head to their website chevron beauty.com For free regular shipping until midnight 17/7/15 use the coupon code (free shipping) Don’t forget to add them on Instagram to keep up to date on sales and new products – @chevronbeauty
Tag me in your hauls girls and let me know what you think of Chevron Beauty! 


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