Shanghai Suzy is a Melbourne based lipstick brand founded by Joanna French in 2013. Sold in over 600 salons and boutiques across Australia they bring high quality lipsticks to lips at an affordable price. Seasonal collections take their inspiration from the fashion industry in on trend limited edition shades. 


My first impressions of these lipsticks were just as I expected. After drooling over pics on Instagram for months I was given the opportunity to try them for myself. The packaging was sleek with unique clear square click shut cases. The variety of shades looked amazing and they were beautifully packaged in polka dot wrapping and rose petals.


The first thing I noticed when taking off the lids was the yummy scent of grape bubblegum. I love this idea, there’s nothing worse than a bad waxy smelling lipstick! They applied smooth on the lips and felt thin not cakey. They were very moisturising, pigmented and were reasonably long lasting. Cheap and chic, they ticked all the boxes!


Shanghai Suzy lipsticks come in 3 different finishes- Matte, Norish and Shimmer. Each formula applies slightly different on lips and gives a different overall look.

Matte shades apply thicker, are creamy and give long lasting bold colour. (I found these to be a bit shinier than what you would expect from a matte finish, though they were very pigmented and not drying)

Nourish shades moisturise the lips with Vitamin E & Jojoba seed oil. With a  more subtle colour and slight sheen. (These felt soothing on my dry lips and  had a softer colour payoff )

Shimmer shades bring the sparkle with sheer but buildable coverage. (Very glam sparkly formula with beautiful metallic looking lipsticks but not as comfortable on the lips)




This gorgeous collection features 8 on trend bold and beautiful shades for everyday wear.

Special set price $65

Mrs French WINTER MAROON (matte) A bold and rich deep maroon

Miss Veronica SPARKLING PLUM (shimmer) A pinky plum which deepens when layered

Miss Victorine CLASSIC RED (matte) A striking and chic classic red

Miss Cassandra PEONY (nourish) A flattering soft peony hue

Miss Tanielle DESERT ROSE (matte) An edgey and deeper take on pink

Miss Kat 90’s CAPPUCCINO (matte) A yellow-y brown based nude

Miss Nina SPARKLING CORAL (shimmer) A pop of bright coral

Miss Sanja FUCHSIA (matte) A beautiful fuchsia pink

My favourite shade is Miss tenielle, it reminds me of Kylie Jenner lips and is a perfect warming winter shade.



This mini collection features 4 unique shades for the daring lipstick lover.

Special set price- $40

Emerald – a sparkling forest green in our new shimmer formula. Buildable for intense coverage.

Goldie – a metallic buildable gold.

Midnight – a highly pigmented onyx black infused with jojoba seed oil.

Dove – a high pigmented blue-based dove grey infused with jojoba seed oil.

*Shade descriptions from shanghaisuzy.com

To be honest these out there shades don’t really interest me. Though they would be great for a dress up party or Halloween.

Overall I found the suzys to be very high quality for such an affordable price. They have beautiful and original shades with a good variety of finishes. At only $12.95 from their website shanghaisuzy.com they are easy to purchase and often have special deals.  Postage is fast and cheap too! I would definitely recommend these and can’t wait to see next seasons collection!



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