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To be honest I had been drooling over Colourpop pics since the first release of their Instafamous liquid lipsticks. Not only were they all over my newsfeed but they were on all the blogs I had been reading too. When they first sold out I was a bit put off and thought I’d wait till the hype died down a bit.

What sucked me in is the large variety of shades and cheap prices. The packaging was pretty cute too. Though the shipping to Aus can be pretty steep I’d recommend buying with friends and splitting the cost. I was lucky enough to have mine shipped to the U.S and then forwarded to Aus thanks to a very special (but bad influencing) friend. Haha!

We had both heard that ColourPop had a sale on and we were dying to try out a few items so we both placed orders. After looking at swatches and reading a few reviews I managed to narrow my order down to 7 products.




Top to Bottom – Vice, Midi, Trap



‘Pale warm nude with ultra matte finish

I love my light nudes and this was one of the lightest I could find. Yep it prob washes me out but I don’t really care!



‘Soft neautral beige with ultra matte finish’

A great medium everyday nude. It’s a bit darker than the swatches on colourpopshebad website but still a great shade.



‘Dusty greyed out beige with ultra matte finish’

This shade has gotta be one of the most popular shades. I don’t normally go for colours like this but thought it would be perfect for Winter. On the lips it’s much more of a dull grey colour. It’s kinda grungy if you know what I mean.


Pic from colourpop.com

So far I’m liking the liquid lipsticks, they are very pigmented and long lasting. The formula isn’t too bad either. I’m pretty stoked that I could pick up 3 of these for less than 1 Jeffree Star liquid lipstick. Just make sure not to leave them in the bottom of your handbag as my colourpop wording is starting to rub off!


 ‘A soft taupe’

I am slightly addicted to brow products and love trying new brands. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade has been a favourite of mine for quite a while so I was interested to see how this one compares.




Top to bottom – She bad, Skimpy, Aquarius



‘Light beige nude with Matte X finish’

This formula is as matte as you’ll get. Surprisingly it’s a dream to apply and doesn’t pull or drag. It does feel lightweight as promised and is a pretty damn sexy shade.



‘Soft pale nude beige with Glossy finish’

I love how smooth and buttery the glossy formula is. I picked this shade as it’s pretty universal. It’s great to wear to work and would still look nice with a smokey eye for a night out.



‘Soft pink nude with Creme finish’

I was drawn to this shade because of it’s name. Yes I’m an Aquarian! After checking out swatches I also discovered that it’s a dupe for Kylie Cosmetics Candy K.


Pic by @dupethat


I love how the lippie stix have a light vanilla scent and cos they are thin I find them easy to apply. They are long wearing and give good coverage. Only down fall is that your not getting much product!

Overall I’m loving all the products I picked up and may have already started making a list got my next haul! I’m thinking of trying their highlighters and eyeshadows next.

Have you tried ColourPop and what are your favourite shades?



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