You wash your hair every second day, you do the dishes and your clothes I bet their clean? Yeh? What about your makeup brushes? 

It’s the job we all would rather forget but one that’s worth getting into the habit of doing. Cleaning your makeup brushes will not only improve their performance but it will prevent bacteria build up too. Ideally you should deep clean them at least once a week. You can use baby shampoo or a makeup brush cleanser. 

I’ve recently been using the new Eco Tools Brush Shampoo. It’s hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. Made from gentle plant based ingredients and free from parabens, phthalates and petroleum-based additives. I love that it’s also packaged in 40% post-consumer recycled plastic. It smells great and removes built up makeup with ease.

Available to purchase at Priceline, Leading pharmacies or their website  – RRP $15.99

10 tips to wash your brushes better

1. Use luke warm water. Try your best to only wet the bristles. If water soaks into the base of the brush it can damage the wood and loosen the glue which holds your brush together.

2. Wash small makeup brushes in groups. It will save you a lot of time. Use a small amount of brush shampoo and swirl your brushes on the palm of your hand until the water runs clear.

3. Some people may prefer to use a silicone cleaning glove or mat to wash their brushes. These can help to seperate the bristles for a deeper clean.

4. To help keep your brushes soft you can apply a small amount of quality hair conditioner after washing them. Massage it in then let sit for a minute before washing out. It’s best to condition occasionally not every time you wash your brushes.

5. Try not to squeeze the bristles to much when washing as it can alter your brushes shape. To keep your brushes in good shape you can purchase protective net sleeves. Which are available on Ebay for only $1.

6. To dry your brushes it’s best to lie them flat on a towel. If they are left upright the water will soak into the handles. If possible turn your brushes over after an hour or 2. Alternatively there are brush holders which can be purchased that hold your brushes downwards to dry. 

7. Brushes with natural bristles take longer to dry than synthetic ones. To speed up their drying time use a blow dryer on low setting. Only when your desperate of course.

8. If you are wanting to give your brushes a quicker clean a spray on spot cleaner is perfect. Just spray and remove excess with a makeup wipe. This is handy when switching between eyeshadow colours. These often have anti-bacterial ingredients too which is essential if using on clients.

9. When using strong pigmented products it’s a good idea to spot wash or deep clean your brush as soon as you can. If left to sit for too long it is likely to stain your brushes.

10. Don’t forget to clean your other makeup tools too. Eyelash curlers especially. Mascara often builds up and can prevent them from working properly. 

Before cleaning
After cleaning

Though cleaning your makeup brushes isn’t the most fun thing to do it’s the best way to protect your skin. Using dirty makeup brushes is likely to give you clogged pores and breakouts. Quality makeup brushes can also be expensive to purchase but with regular washing they can last for years!

What are your tips and tricks for washing makeup brushes?



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