Thursday is said to be tan day. The day you can go from a 2 to a strong 8. But who makes the rules? Who said you can’t tan whenever you feel like it. There’s no point wasting your time and money on tans in Priceline. Spending all night trying to reach that part of your back. To wake up the next morning with stained sheets and a reflection of an Oompa Loompa. 

Whether your getting ready for a special occasion or are wanting a year round glow. A professional spray tan is the way to go. At Sunspray you can tan any day at anytime. Yep! 24/7 365 days of the year. With cutting edge automated tanning booths and affordable memberships to suit your tanning style.

I was lucky enough to visit Sunspray recently and was so happy with the service I couldn’t wait to spread the word and give you guys the heads up on what they are all about. They have only recently opened and are located on Toorak rd South Yarra. (Sorry to all the non Melb babes!)



Stop stripping down for strangers. At sunspray they have hi-tech tanning booths in private rooms with everything you need. Simply prep your hands and knees with the cream barrier, pop on your foot protectors and hair net and your good to go. Nose plugs, eye masks and disposable g strings are also available if you like. Simply select which type of tan you would like on the touch screen and the tanning machine does the rest. With easy to follow instructions it applys a primer, the tan, moisturiser and drys you in under 10 minutes.

I got the clear solution in dark with double legs. As I don’t tan often I thought why not go all out! The clear solution was great as I had a bit of shopping to do and a long drive home. I didn’t have to worry about any colour transferring and it gradually got darker thoughout the day. It wasn’t too orange and had applied really evenly. The machine was really cool and the whole process was heaps of fun. 


What makes sunspray special is their unique member benefits. Not only do members have 24 hr access with security but they also pay less per tan and receive discounts on Versaspa skincare products.

As it was my first time using an automated tanning machine I wasn’t too sure what to expect. Taylor one of the salon’s managers was really nice. She gave me some great tanning tips and showed me how to use the booths properly . I was blown away by the service and felt really comfortable in the beautiful rooms and salon. Next time I’m in Melbourne I’ll be back for sure.

For more info please visit sunspray.com.au and follow their Instagram account @sunspray247



* I was kindly offered a spray tan in return for an instagram post. As I was more than impressed with my experience I wanted to share it with you on my blog. If you visit Sunspray let them know I sent you x

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