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Rimmel is well known for their on trend makeup and have been dominating the drugstore lately with many popular product releases. Today I am putting 2 of their recent lipstick collections to the ultimate test. Which lippy will come out best?

The Only 1 Collection – The no compromise all-in-one!


Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Nudes Collection – Dare to go bare!



The Only 1 – Classic black with convenient colour strip at the bottom. Embossed Rimmel wording and logo on top. The lipstick itself is flat cut.


Kate Moss Nudes – Pastel apricot with Kate’s signature in white. Regular round tube with embossed logo on top. Classic shaped lipstick inside.


Kate Moss Nudes – Don’t get me wrong I love the colour indicators on the Only 1 tubes but black is starting to get a bit boring. I also found the flat top of The Only One lipstick harder to apply or maybe I just need more practise! For lipstick lovers who display their lippies upside down to see the shade labels, both of these have angled tops!


The Only 1 – 12 intense high impact shades. Mainly pinks and reds.

Top to bottom – 810, 700, 620, 610,500, 300

  • 110 pink a punch
  • 120 you’re all mine
  • 200 it’s a keeper
  • 300 listen up
  • 500 revolution red
  • 510 best of the best
  • 600 peachy beachy
  • 610 cheeky coral
  • 620 call me crazy
  • 700 naughty nude
  • 710 easy does it
  • 810 one-of-a-kind

Kate Moss Nudes – 5 nudes for each and every skin tone. From very light to dark.

Top to bottom – 40, 42, 43, 45, 48
  • 40 pink nude
  • 42 apricot nude
  • 43 tan nude
  • 45 rose nude
  • 48 coffee nude


Kate Moss Nudes – If your a lover of nudes like me you would agree that the Kate moss shades are perfect! Although the range is not as large as The Only 1 I’m likely to reach for them more often. I tend to only wear bright lips every now and then.



The Only 1 – Ultra comfortable and weightless. Full coverage in one swipe. Features a strong fruity scent.


Kate Moss Nudes – Creamy and moisturising. Rich dazzling colour that lasts up to 8 hrs. Sweet fragrance on application.


The Only 1 – When it comes to formula ‘The Only 1’ comes out on top. It is what it claims when it comes to staying power and really does give great coverage. It has a glossy apearance when first applied and feels really light on your lips. There is no need to apply a second layer as formula drys over time and stays put like a lip stain. It also contains Rosa Fruit Oil and Vitamin E to help moisturise lips.

‘Kate Moss Nudes’ has more of a typical drugstore formula. It is creamy and doesn’t dry on lips, needs to be reapplied every few hours and takes a few swipes to get good coverage.



The Only 1- 810 One -of-a-kind

Kate Moss Nude – 42

The Only 1 – $15.95 (3.4g)
Kate Moss Nudes – $12.95 (4g)


Kate Moss Nudes – Not only are the Kate Moss lipsticks $3 cheaper but they also contain more product! Both lipstick collections by Rimmel can be purchased at Priceline, Target, Kmart, Big W, Chemist Warehouse, Selected Pharmacies, Coles and Woolworths!



Kate Moss Nudes! Although the shades aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and the formula is not the best. These lipsticks are great value for money. I find nudes are great for everyday wear and are perfect to enhance ones natural beauty. I personally love all the shades and am already on to my second tube of shade 40! It’s a great dupe for Mac’s Myth! 

Kate Moss Nude – 42

The Only 1 – 810 One-of-a-kind

Which lipstick team are you on? Rimmel’s The Only 1 or Kate Moss Nudes?



  1. Loved this review!! The layout and style is really different and entertaining. I love both these collections, but need to get my hands on more Kate Moss shades (I only have the darkest one)

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