I think every little girl dreamed of having a pony and if like me you never got one, well that’s too bad. Though there is something that’s just as pretty and almost as cute. A whole lot cheaper and easier to look after. It’s girly as ever PONi COSMETICS! 

White Knight Mascara & Brow Magic

Australian owned and still relatively new to the makeup world PONi COSMETICS has created a professional range of fun, funky and unique products. Their mane focus… (sorry still dreaming of that pony) being on brows and lashes. They are always on trend with the latest techniques such as contouring and bold brows.

Pretty Packaging
Today I will be reviewing their famous WHITE KNIGHT MASCARA and BROW MAGIC PENCIL. If like me your a sucker for pretty packaging you won’t be disappointed. Not only are PONI COSMETICS super cute so is the parcel they are packed in! 
The White Knight & Brow Magic
BROW MAGIC is unlike any brow pencil I have ever tried. It’s a thin wind up pencil with a spoolie brush on the other end. It has a firm tip perfect for creating a natural brow. It’s colour is more of a light tan brown when compared to Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Taupe’ and Nyx chocolate. When used lightly it suits blonde and light brown brows perfectly and when used firmly it adapts to darker brows.
Brow Magic, ABH Taupe, NYX Chocolate
Once warmed a little in my hands it glided on smoothly. It was long lasting and gave great definition. The wind up tip means you don’t have to worry about sharpening (thank god!) and the spoolie brush is very handy to tame your brows before applying the product. It contains a special ingredient called biotin which helps to promote natural growth of your brows. Now that’s brow magic!
Spoolie Brush
THE WHITE KNIGHT is unlike any mascara I have ever seen! It has 2 wands in one.The volume brush thickens by leaving more product on your lashes while the lengthening brush gives a thinner natural coat. It is semi waterproof and can be easily removed. Which means no panda eyes when the the White knight is around.
The White Knight Mascara
I found the mascara easy to apply and did not clump at all. It gave me perfect curled lashes with very few coats. I hate when you have to apply a mascara like 10 times to even see a difference! Like the Brow Magic pencil the White Knight mascara also contains powerful growth ingredients to enhance your natural lashes. It’s the ultimate mascara for rescuing those short and skinny lashes that other mascaras miss!
Volume & Length Brushes
PONI COSMETICS can be purchased from ponicosmetics.com.au and in selected beauty salons across Australia. Be sure to follow them on Instagram @ponicosmetics to keep updated on their beautiful products. I am currently eyeing off their brow kit and contouring brush! Have you tried any PONi COSMETICS? 

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